What Is Genealogy?

Genealogy is a common term to describe the study of a person's family tree / lineage. Some people use genealogy tools to help them draw out their family tree or a specific family / person in their family history. In short it's a study of a family history, birth, deaths, occupations, family members, and any notable facts about their lives.

How To Conduct A Genealogy / Ancestry Search?

There are many methods you can use to conduct a family search. You can;

  • Start by writing on a piece of paper your entire family tree along with second cousins and grand parents.
  • Ask your parents, grand parents and great grand parents if still alive, questions about their family; brothers, sisters, parents, etc.
  • Search the national archives and census records.
  • The Internet: Using one of the many free genealogy search websites and paid services.

Why Use Genealogy / Ancestry Search Websites

The number 1 reason for using genealogy / family search sites is "convenience."

Its so much more convenient to search billions of records from a central website rather than multiple government sites, calling public record departments, and asking everyone in your family. And to top it of, you might not even be able to get the names of your great great grand parents because no one remembers, or your family might have been separated due to war, migration, etc.

Searching online can also be advantages because you also have tools to help you draft your family tree and you also have access to an online community that can provide you valuable tips and advice on how you should conduct your search. Accessing and searching through billions of records can be tedious so asking questions and connecting with an online community can really help out.

What To Look For In A Good Genealogy / Ancestry Search Website?

  • Database: The database is the most important aspect you should consider because it will contain birth dates, deaths, marriage and all the important information you need when conducting your search.
  • International Database: This is also important especially if you have settled in another country or if you have family originates from other countries.
  • Support: Having good support when you need help with your search is important.
  • Ease of Use: A well structured website and advance search capabilities
  • Additional Resources: Some website's will have details from other public records like court cases, military , criminal, etc. Sometimes you will find what you're looking for here.

In summary, we believe that genealogy search website's have made it much easier for people to find their family. There are also 2 website's where you can create free family tree and ancestry search free however, if the information you seek can't be found on the free genealogy search sites, you will most likely have to pay to use the services of a larger genealogy search website. Our top recommendation to date is Ancestry.com due to their huge database, local and international. Feel free to also browse through our other genealogy search reviews.

Have you every tried search for your long lost relatives, parents, children, grand parents and great grand parents? Or simply tried to draw your family tree? Well look no further because what we've done is reviewed the best genealogy search website's We reviewed 2 free genealogy search sites with free family tree software. We hope you enjoy them and best of luck searching for your family!

Genealogy / Ancestry Search Comparison Table
Overall Rating Price Buy Read Review Game Title Selection Delivery Time Customer Service Ease of Use Trial
World Vital Record
Family Search Free
Archives.com $3.33
Access Genealogy Free
My Heritage $3.75
Genealogy / Ancestry Search Review